Night Report 2016-04-09

Observing: Joel Johansson, Mark Magee, Ira Bar

Support Team: Weizmann

TAT: Janet Chen, Morgan Fraser

Weather conditions

End of night: clear, humidity ~21%, wind ~10m/s, seeing ~1"


Start of night: clear, humidity ~47%, wind ~6m/s, seeing ~1.5"

Middle of night: clear, humidity ~27%, wind ~9m/s, seeing between 1.0 - 1.2"


Evening: PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib

Morning: PESSTO_SkyFF_mor_UVi


22:40 UT: Dome opened, image analysis

23:34 UT: Follow up: OGLE15xl: gr13, 1x2700s, slit 1.5"

00:31 UT: Follow up: AT2016aqs: gr13, 2x1800s, slit 1.5"

01:45 UT: Spectroscopic standard: L745a

02:11 UT: Follow up: SN2016X: gr11+16, 900s each, slit 1.0"

02:54 UT: Follow up: PS15ae: U 6x200s, seeing 1.2"

03:21 UT: Follow up: PS15ae: griz 4x100s each, seeing 0.8-1.0"

04:02 UT: Photometric standard: PG1047

04:12 UT: Follow up: ASASSN-14lp: Vgri 3x200s each, seeing 0.8-1.0"

05:14 UT: Follow up: AT2016bln: gr11, 1800s, slit 1.0"

05:51 UT: Follow up: SN2016adj: U 3x480s

06:17 UT: Follow up: SN2016adj, B 2x120s, g 2x120s, V 1x30s, r 1x10s, i 1x3s, seeing ~1"

06:38 UT: Follow up: MASTERJ141023.42-431843.7, gr13, 1800s, slit 1.0"

07:18 UT: Spectroscopic standard: EG131

07:48 UT: Follow up: ASASSN-15oi: gr13 2x2700s, slit 1.0", seeing ~1.4"

10:30 UT: Skyflats: UVi, Dome Closed