Night Report 2016-12-19

Observers: Ken Smith, Aleksandar Cikota

TAT on duty: Michel Dennefeld, Morgan Fraser, Mark Magee

Support team: QUB, TBD, Mark Magee

Daytime calibrations:


Weather conditions: thin clouds, wind 2.8m/s, 58% humidity, seeing 0.6" at 00:40UT


00:10 UT: Image analysis

00:35 UT: SOFI Follow up of AT2016iks

01:36 UT: SOFI Follow up of SN2016ije

02:55 UT: SOFI follow up of SN2016hvl, we used OB from the previous run which is gal_less90sec, instead of on_source as stated

03:22 UT: SOFI follow up of ASASSN15og, seeing 0.7", clear

05:05 UT: changing to EFOSC2. Image analysis.

05:35 UT: Follow up of SN2016ija. Excellent conditions, seeing 0.5".

07:25 UT: standard star LTT3864

07:50 UT: Classification of AT2016iye, possible Ib?, pre max, possibly ~ -10 days, z~0.026

07:58 UT: Classification of AT2016iyd, type II, or not SN, LBV?

08:04 UT: twilight

08:09 UT: Classification of AT2016ixe, Type Ia, past peak, z~0.09

08:26 UT: End of night.

08:35 UT: PESSTO_calib (arcs only)