Observer: Francesco Taddia

Data reduction team: Mattias Ergon, Giorgos Leloudas, Jesper Sollerman

Observations with EFOSC2 all the night.


Dimm-Seeing >1.0" in the beginning of the night, 0.6"-0.7" at 03:00 UT, still below 1.0" at 05:00 UT and later

EFOSC2 bias, spectroscopic flat fields and arcs in afternoon


UT 00:00  EFOSC2 skyflats UBVRi (3 of 5 flats for i)

UT 00:32  focus and image analysis

**clouds, we skip the photometric standard

UT 00:50  SN2013F                     UBVRi (bright in VRi, faint in B but detected after a second exposure, not clearly 

detected in U even after a second 400s exposure; telescope pointing not too distant from thick clouds and target at high airmass) 

UT 01:15  LSQ13heq                    gr11 + gr16 (the telescope is pointed in the direction of thin clouds, however the SN is clearly detected in the 30 s acquisition image. gr11 spectrum shows some broad features and the narrow lines from the host. Decent S/N. gr16

spectrum of comparable quality.)

UT 03:05  OGLE-2012-SN-006            UBVRi + gr11 + gr16 (The target is in a region of the sky free of clouds. gr11 and gr16 spectra have good S/N, strong He I lines in emission.)

**mainly low clouds, better sky conditions

UT 05:05  SN2012hr                    gri (bright target, good S/N)

UT 05:10  STDPHOT RU152               UBVRigr (useful for SN2012hr and OGLE-2012-SN-006)

**clouds coming from N-E

UT 05:20  STDSPEC LTT3218             gr11+gr13+gr16 / slits 1.0" (10 min delay due to software problems)

UT 05:45  LSQ13fn                     UBVRi + gr11 (The SN was clearly identified in the images; 1h-exposure spectrum does not show WR features or other emission lines anymore, just a continuum with maybe a broad feature at ~6100-6200 Angstrom.)

**small clouds in all directions  

UT 07:10  SN2012hs                    UBVRi + gr11 + gr16  (good S/N for spectra and UBV, in Ri bands the SN was not detected because of fast-moving clouds that covered the target)

**very cloudy

We attempted to classify PSN J13371970-2953486    but the target was behind the clouds

UT 08:40  STDSPEC LTT3864             gr11+gr13+gr16 / slits 1.0" (this was observable, although faint)

UT 09:00 sky completely covered by clouds, end of the observing