Night Report 2017-01-05

Observers: Aleksandar Cikota, Ken Smith

TAT on duty: Janet Chen, Joe Lyman, Michel Dennefeld 

Support team: QUB, TBD, Mark Magee

Daytime calibrations:

SOFI: SOFI flats and arcs - continuation from yesterday


Weather at beginning of night: clear, 56% humidity, wind ~1.2m/s, clouds on horizon, and CLOUDS passing, 33-50% covered by Cirrocumulus et al.

01:05 UT: Follow up of SN2016hnk. 2x2700, gr13. seeing 1.8", passing clouds. We used slit 1.5".

03:05 UT: Image analysis

03:25 UT: Classification of DES16X2gap. Seeing ~1". Thin clouds. Normal Ia around peak. z~0.06.

03:47 UT: Standard star GD71. Seeing ~0.7".

04:09 UT: Follow up of AT2016hmq. 2x1800, gr13.

05:21 UT: Follow up of SN2016iae. Seeing 0.7". 1800s, gr13

06:00 UT: Follow up of SN 2016hvl. Seeing 0.9". 1800s, gr13

06:39 UT: Standard star LTT3864.

07:06 UT: Follow up of AT2016iyd. 1800s, gr11.

07:43 UT: Classification of AT2017ar. Normal Ia a few days pre max. z~0.09

08:05 UT: Follow up of Impostor AT2016jbu. gr11, 1x1800s. Seeing ~1".

08:17 UT: twilight

08:47 UT: Classification of AT2017bc. Type Ia, a few days before peak. z~0.03.

09:03 UT: Classification of AT2017ad. SN Ia-91T like, a few days pre peak, z~0.03.

09:10 UT: End of night

09:12 UT: PESSTO_calib (arcs only)