Night Report 2019-10-20

Observers: Panos Charalampopoulos, Giorgos Leloudas

Support Team: Charlotte Angus, Daniele Malesani, Luca Izzo

TAT: Janet Chen, Takashi Nagao, Giuliano Pignata




dome flat and arcs (evening)

sky flats grz (evening) {Only 2 z were useful before it got too dark}


Start: Humidity 43%, wind speed 1.6 m/s, seeing: ~2"

Middle: Humidity 26%, wind speed  3.3 m/s, seeing: 2.1"

End : Humidity 17%, wind speed  8.5 m/s, seeing: 1.4"


Seeing was above 2" at the beginning of the night so we started with slit 1.5".

Turns out that the STD OBs do not include observations with slit 1.5". So this setup was not observed for any STD this night (Gr11+Gr16, slit 1.5").

This does not apply to Gr13. ß