Discussion items and Questions

Management Plan

    • Finalising the plan

    • Finalising the teams and groups

    • Observing and data reduction plan - major commitment


Science goals - original proposal of 150 targets with excellent time series (and lightcurves). 2000 SNe classified from the feeder surveys. How do we select targets and how do we run the survey

    • Must be discovered early

    • See proposal and talk slides for breakdown

    • Do we have "Key Projects" based on this ?

    • Who gets to lead the papers ?

    • Suggestion - "Key Project" concept, with projects allocated to those groups carrying the work burden

Target Selection and time allocation

    • How do we select and prioritise targets ?

    • How do we "allocate" time to objects, and projects


    • EFOSC2 spectroscopic settings - 1, 2 or 3 ?

Archiving and data release

    • Data products are only released publicly when we ingest them into ESO archive - can be end of period

    • Raw data available world-wide immediately