Night report


Night report 07/03/2024

Observers: Stefan Taubenberger, Christian Vogl, Géza Csörnyei

Support: Stéphane Blondin

TAT: Lluís Galbany, Tom Killestein, Anamaria Gkini

Afternoon : bias, PESSTO_calib, partial UBVRi Skyflats

Morning:  UBg Skyflats

Start: UT 0:51; humidity 49%; wind 1.1 m/s; seeing 1.0"

Mid: UT 6:36; humidity 10%; wind 3.4 m/s; seeing 1.2"

End: UT 9:44; humidity 22%; wind 3.6 m/s; seeing 1.1"


A delayed telescope startup (due to problems with the azimuthal axis of NTT) and a longer image analysis led to a quite late start.

Night report of 24-03-07