Night report 2021-08-28

Observers: Jacco Terwel, Maxime Deckers

Support: Luke Harvey, Georgios Dimitriadis

TAT:  Giuliano Pignata, Regis Cartier, Phil Wiseman

EFOSC Calibrations:

Afternoon: All EFOSC calibrations

SOFI Calibrations:

Morning: All SOFI calibrations


Start: humidity 12%, wind 2.3 m/s, seeing 0.92"

Middle: humidity 8%, wind 5.5 m/s, seeing 0.61"

End: humidity 9%, wind 7.3 m/s, seeing 0.83"

Comments (times in UT):

01:06 - Switched to SOFI

02:52 - Some issues with the rotator during the switch from J to H, which resulted in a delay as exposures had to be retaken