Night Report 2016-07-25

Observing: Morgan Fraser, Tom Reynolds

Support Team: Cosimo Inserra

TAT: Cosimo Inserra, Kate Maguire

Weather conditions

End of night: Seeing still ~2", wind rising to ~12 m/s with pointing restrictions at end of night (hence no standard could be observed at the end of the night).


Start of night: Some thin cloud, seeing ~2"

Middle of night: Seeing varying between 2" and 3"


Evening: SOFI


22:54 EG274 - no light getting to EFOSC, TO went to telescope to investigate. Problem fixed.

23:21 EG273 - 1" slit standards

23:30 End of twilight

23:32 AT2016bln (follow-up) - Gr#13 1.5" slit 2700s. Good S/N.

00:25 SN2016aiy (follow-up) 2x2700s Gr#16 1.5" slit

02:24 Gaia16avq (classification) 900s Gr#13 1.5" slit (seeing currently ~3")

          Normal Ia at ~maximum light, z=0.07

02:49 AT2016dgj (classification) 1200s Gr#13 1.5" slit (seeing ~3")

          91T-like SN Ia at +2-3 weeks, z=0.06

03:14 Gaia16avx (classification) 1800s Gr#13 1.5" slit (seeing ~2.5")

          Blue and featureless, with possible absorption at MgII - returning later!

03:54 AT2016dln (classification) 900s Gr#13 1.5" slit (seeing ~2.5")

          Blue continuum, galaxy lines, and a broad feature around Halpha. SN II.

04:22 Gaia16avx (follow-up) 2700s Gr#11 1.5" slit

          Spectrum is of an early type galaxy. Suspect that target was not in slit, and we are getting flux from the close galaxy to the N. Looking again at the first spectrum, the separation between the components is more like 10 Ang. So perhaps this is not Mg II...

05:22 Gaia16avy (classification) Gr#13 1.5" slit

          SN Ia, ~maximum light, z=0.07

05:44 AT2016egz (classification) Gr#13 1.5" slit

          Blue spectrum with weak narrow Halpha and O 5007. Looks like a very young SN, will revisit with Gr#11.

05:55 AT2016dkf (classification) Gr#13, 1.5" slit

          91T-like SN Ia, -3d, z=0.05

06:10 AT2016egz (follow-up) 1200s Gr#11, 1.0" slit. Very nice spectrum, narrow features in blue, emission lines unresolved.

06:38 LSQ15adm (follow-up) Could not acquire target due to poor seeing

06:46 OGLE16bqu (classification) Not visible on acquisition image

06:52 OGLE16bqx (classification) - Gr#13, 1.5" slit.

          SN Ia at max at z=0.11

07:13 Gaia16avu (classification)

          Blue contiuum, CV or similar. Nearby galaxy unrelated.

07:24 Gaia16avh (classification)

          SN Ia, +2 weeks, z=0.05

07:40 ASASSN-15lh (followup) 2x2700s Gr#11, 1.0" slit (seeing has now improved to ~1.3")

09:44 SN2016aqf (follow-up) 1800s Gr#13, 1.5" slit (seeing back to ~2.5", wind above 12 m/s so pointing restrictions).

10:08 Start of twilight

10:21 AT2016eig (classification)

          Young Type II SN at z 0.03

10:41 AT2016eif (classification)

          SN Ia, z=0.07, around max

(Note that no standard was taken at the end of the night due to pointing restrictions)