Night report page - 20130208

Observers: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo

Data reduction team: Sandra Benitez, Stefan Taubenberger


Observations with EFOSC2. Humidity between 50-70%. The seeing has been oscillating all the night.

Calibration data done in the afternoon.

UT 23:51 skyflats UBVRi

UT 00:22 Focus + image analysis

--DIMM SEEING 1.0"--

UT 00:49 s82_0222+0054 airmass=1.66 gri Photometric STD in gunn filters

UT 00:55 GD71 airmass=1.42 gr11,13,16 sl 1.0 Flux STD

--DIMM SEEING 1.1"--

UT 01:17 LSQ12hxg airmass=1.19 gr13 sl 1.0

UT 03:06 OGLE-2012-SN-040 airmass=1.35 gr13 sl 1.0 Spectra aborted after first exposure when we realized it wasn't the SN.

--DIMM SEEING 1.1" --

UT 04:12 LSQ13fn airmass=1.30 gr11 sl 1.0

--DIMM SEEING 1.6"--

UT 06:07 L745a airmass=1.37 gr11,13,16 sl 1.5

--DIMM SEEING 1.8"--

UT 06:25 MASTEROTJ093953.18+165516.4 airmass=1.56 gr13 sl 1.5 **Classification: young Ia SN

--DIMM SEEING 2.2"!!--

UT 06:47 PSNJ152113475-0722183 airmass=1.88 gr11 sl 1.5 The seeing is becoming even higher (2.5"). We decided to observe a brighter target.

UT 07:15 SN2012hs airmass=1.17 gr11 sl 1.5

--DIMM SEEING 2.0"--

UT 08:45 EG274 airmass=1.28 gr11,13,16 sl 1.5

--DIMM SEEING 1.7" and HUMIDITY 85%!--

UT 09:03 CLOSING by high humidity and condensation!

UT 09:10 END Of the night.

Good night.