Observers:  Santiago González, Shane Moran, João Silvestre

Support: Hanin Kuncarayakti, Tom Reynolds

TAT: Lluís Galbany, Janet Chen, Shubham Srivastav

SOFI Calibrations: JHK flats


Start: humidity 63.0%, wind 4.5 m/s, seeing 1.31

Middle: humidity 64.0%, wind 4.1 m/s, seeing 1.22

End: humidity 58.0%, wind 5.2 m/s, seeing 2.04


High humidity and some clouds at night start.

Clouds dispersed at ~01:45.

Clouds again at ~02:20.

Skipped AM 0702-601N due to problem with the rotator at that quadrant.

Bump in seeing at ~06:15.

OBs have been going smoothly and faster than expected. This lead us to obtain JHK for SN2019esa at the end of the night.

Jump in seeing at ~07:50, OBs briefly paused for on site evaluation.

Confirmed seeing over 3. Data for SN2019esa at K and J will be of poorer quality.

Clouds dispersed at ~08:25.

Seeing dropping back since ~08:40.

Started with SOFI