Observers: Tomás Müller, Juanita Antilen

Support Team:  Phil Wiseman, Mat Smith, Matt Grayling, Chris Frohmaier

TAT: Janet Chen, Regis Cartier, Roberta Carini


EFOSC calibrations (biases, flats and arcs) done in the afternoon

Vri sky flats taken in the morning


Start: Humidity 34%, wind speed 3.1 m/s, seeing: 1.2".

Middle: Humidity 19.2%, wind speed 1.9 m/s, seeing: 0.85".

End :  Humidity 28%, wind speed 2.2 m/s, seeing: 1.2".


Clouds at the start of the night (unable to take sky flats)

The acquisition image of AT2019rwd had bad quality (unable to observe this object due to weather)

We tried to observe the GRB 191228a at ~01:30 UTC 

At ~01:30 UTC weather conditions got better

Weather conditions got much better the second half of the night