Night report 2022-03-31

Observers: Thomas Moore, Ken Smith

Support: Shubham Srivastav, Michael Fulton

TAT: Tomás Müller, Nada Ihanec, Tom Reynolds, Claudia Gutiérrez.

Afternoon setup: PESSTO bias+calib, SOFI calibrations

Evening setup: EFOSC griz skyflats

Morning setup:

Start: 23:45 UT, thin clouds, humidity 23%, wind speed 3.0 m/s, seeing 1.2" (telescope)

Middle: 04:50 UT, clear, humidity 18%, wind speed 4.9 m/s, seeing 0.7" (DIMM)

End: 09:57 UT, clear, humidity 12%, wind speed 6.0 m/s, seeing 1.1" (DIMM)

TCS problems arose immediately after the first target was observed. This incurred a 1.5 hour pause (plus another 10 minutes for focus) that forced us to sacrifice targets.

Night Report 2022-03-31