Night Report Page - 20121022

Observers : Patrick El-Hage, Assaf Sternberg. Data reduction team : Nancy and Antonia

All times are in UT

NOTE that the time estimation in p2pp for the SOFI OBs is way off and significantly underestimates the actual time.

23:30 : EFOSC sky flats for rgR

23:45 : EFOSC calibration obs using eg131

00:00 : EFOSC followup SN2012ca gm13 spec, Ugriz phot

01:00 : SOFI calibration obs using Hip091690

01:20 : SOFI followup SN2012ca BG spec, went too low before we could do JHK phot

03:10 : SOFI calibration obs using Hip12852

03:30 : SOFI followup 2009ip BG,RG spec, JHK phot

04:30 : Switching to EFOSC

04:50 : EFOSC calibration obs using eg21

05:10 : EFOSC followup SN2009ip gm11,gm16 spec, UBVRi phot

06:00 : EFOSC followup SN2012dy gm16 spec

06:40 : Switching to SOFI

06:50 : SOFI calibration obs using Hip12852

07:05 : SOFI followup SN2012ec BG spec, partial RG spec (p2pp wrongly estimated time required so aborted early to get another standard before the end of the night)

09:00 : SOFI calibration obs using Hip12852

09:10 : Switching back to EFOSC to get remaining flats