Night report 2014-02-21

Observers: Morgan Fraser, Heather Campbell

Support team: Nadia Blagorodnova, Nic Walton

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Annalisa De Cia

General comments:

Concentrated on followup targets, only one new classification, plus one revisit to ambiguous classification from Feb 19. Spectrophotometric standard not taken at start of the night, as we had a large number of important followup targets which set early in the night.


Moon: 55% illumination, UT 03.30 onwards


Humidity 20-40%, wind <5miles per hour, some haze visible at sunset

Seeing 1" or better throughout night (from DIMM and measured off images)


23.32    Start of twilight

             BR skyflats, TO performed image analysis

00.21    SMTJ01353283-5757506

             1x1200s Gr#16 followup

00.47    End of twilight

00.57    LSQ12dlf

             12x200s V-band imaging. Up to ~1.5" FWHM measured on images (seeing from DIMM was ~1", but observations were taken between airmass 2 and 3).

01.50    SN2013gr

             2x1800s Gr#13 followup

03.00    LSQ14an

            4x1800s Gr#16 followup. First 2x1800s exposures taken, then internal flats, then new acquisition image, another 2x1800s exposures, internal flats again.

05.27    Spectrophotometric standard LTT3864

05.50    OGLE-2014-SN-012

             Revisited for longer classification spectrum, 2x1800s with Gr#13. Quick reduction still looks blue and (mostly?) featurless.

06.57    LSQ14vv


             Gr#13 classification spectrum. Very blue, with narrow Balmer emission at z = 0.077. Halpha is fitted with a Lorentzian of FWHM ~1400 km/s. Also emission feature at ~5890 rest frame - could this be HeI? Absolute mag is now -18.7, but transient continues to rise. No clear offset from host - potentially nuclear

07.25    LSQ14pt

             3x1800s Gr#16 followup spectra

09.05    Start of twilight

09.10    Spectrophotometric standard EG274

09.34    LSQ14vr

             Classification target - stellar variable.

09.55    rz skyflats