Night report 2022-02-26

Observers: Michael Fulton, Ken Smith

Support: Shuham Srivastav, Thomas Moore

TAT: Katja Matilainen, Andrea Reguitti, Nancy Elias-Rosa

Afternoon setup: PESSTO bias+calib

Evening setup: skyflats

Morning setup: PESSTO bias+calib

Night Start Time: 00:15 UT

Start: 00:48 UT, humidity 46%, wind speed 4.9 m/s, seeing 1.4 (LOEM)”

Middle: 04:50 UT, humidity 42%, wind speed 2.0 m/s, seeing 2.00 (LOEM)”

End: 08:59 UT, humidity 25%, wind speed 2.6 m/s, seeing ??? (LOEM)"

Night End Time: 09:21 UT

Seeings quoted were provided by the TO when possible. DIMM was offline the entire night, and we lost communication with the TO around 05:15 UTC.

Attempted SN2022zi gr18+gr20 but had to abort due to poor seeing.