Night Report 2014-08-24

Observers: Leonardo Tartaglia, Nancy Elias-Rosa

Support: Stefano Benetti, Giacomo Terreran

TAT on duty: Maria Teresa Botticella, Andrea Pastorello



start: wind 2.7 m/s; temp. 4.3 C; humid. 50.0%; Partially cloudy.

middle: wind 8.3 m/s; temp. 6.1 C: humid. 26.5%; Partially cloudy.

end: wind 15.0 m/s; temp. 8.8 C: humid. 8.5%; Partially cloudy.





-- EFOSC2 bias, dome spec flats, arcs (impossible to do evening skyflats)



23:30 UT - Seeing rose from 3" to 4" in minutes! We tried to point first to a follow up target, then to the brighter classification target and finally to a standard, not being able to even doing the focus.We stop the observations.

Target Type UT-Start Filter/Grism Slit (") Seeing (") Notes

LTT7379 Standard 23:38 Gr#11+Gr#13 1.0/1.5 4 (1)

00:39 UT - Closing the dome. "Weather officer" order.

02:37 UT - Opening the dome. But the seeing is still variable between 3" and 4".

04:00 UT - New record! Seeing of 5.44"! (later we got 5.92"!)

06:30 UT - Seeing still variable (from 2.5" to 5.9"!) and we have also limited the pointing because of the wind (~13m/s).

LSQ14eol Classification 07:43 Gr#13 1.5 2.4 (2)

ASASSN-14f Classification 08:30 Gr#13 1.5 1.8 (3)

PSNJ01190082+1018191 Classification 08:56 Gr#13 1.5 1.8 (4)

09:19 UT - Closing due to the high wind >15m/s

(1) We have tried the standard star because it was the brighter target available. Since the seeing was so bad, we stopped the observations.

(2) It is not a SN spectrum. Could be an AGN.

(3) Normal type Ia SN around 10 days after maximum light.

(4) Spectrum too noisy. We had to stopped the exposure before the end because the wind. It was >15m/s (NTT limit is 15m/s).