Night report 2013-12-20

Observers: Laurent Le Guillou, Mathilde Fleury, Pierre-Francois Leget     

Support team: S. Baumont, C. Balland  

We got the telescope earlier than scheduled due to SOFI 

problems (the appointed observer could not use the night 

without SOFI, and the NTT responsible offered us to use

the night).

We knew the telescope was ours very late, so the night

has mainly been dedicated to classifications (with some



Instruments: EFOSC2


00:50: wind speed 3 m/s; temperature 15 C; humidity 24 %; clear

04:24: wind speed 3 m/s; temperature 15 C; humidity 34 %; clear

07:09: wind speed 4 m/s; temperature  C; humidity ?? %; clear

Seeing around 0.9"

Afternoon CALIBRATIONS: EFOSC bias ; we got the telescope too late

for afternoon calibrations.

Sky flats: grz (evening)


official night starts at 01:16 UTC and ends at 08:04 UTC

Target Type UT Filt/Gm Slit Comments


vma2 std 00:59 g11,g13,g16 1+1.5

LSQ13dju class Cannot identify the object

LSQ13dek class 01:31 g13 1 No signal

LSQ13doj class 02:05 g13 1 Ia z=0.058+/-0.005  +4d

LSQ13dos class 02:37 g13 1 star spectrum, wrong object ?

LSQ13dms class 02:58 g13 1 IIp z=0.042+/-0.009 -2d

LSQ13dnn class 03:31 g13 1 Variable star ?

LSQ13der follow 03:50 g13 1

LSQ13dot class 04:28 g13 1 unclear despite good separation from the galaxy

LSQ13dmg class 04:55 g13 1 unclear

LSQ13dke class Cannot identify the object

LSQ13doz class 05:40 g13 1 Ia z=0.081+/-0.004 +6d

LSQ13dnw class 06:13 g13 1 Ia z=0.032+/-0.002 +70d

LTT3864 std 06:46 g11,g13,g16 1+1.5

PSNJ114845-281731 follow 07:10 g11,g16 1