Night Report 2014-12-13

Observers: Pierre-François Léget, Nicolas Chotard & Marine Ducrot

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Joe Polshaw, Stefan Taubenberger

Sparse clouds in many directions at the begining of the night, so probably a non-photometric night. Cleared out quite fast after sunset.



    - 19:00UT: In the control room. It is couldy for now. We are preparing the list of targets for tonight.

    - 20:20UT: 1x PESSTO_calib

    - 23:45UT: Sunset

    - 23:50UT: There has a been problem with Helium lamp during the calibration procedure, and they had to change it,

    - 00:25UT: The lamp has been changed, calibration (arcs) are being done.

    - 00:35UT: Calibration is finished, we will do the 1x PESSTO_bias at the end of the night and are skipping the grz sky flat that we do/did not use/d.


 - Sparse clouds in many direction -

    - 00:35UT: Focusing and image analysis

    - 00:55UT: SPECTROSCOPIC STANDARD: VMA2. Airmass 1.25. Seeing was 0.76"


    - 01:45UT: SN2014cx: gm11+gm16 spectro follow up. Airmass 1.12 Seeing 0.75"

    - 02:50UT: OGLE-2014-SN-131: 4x1800s gm11 Airmass 1.6-18 Seeing 0.8"

    - 05:00UT: SPECTRO STD:: GD71 Airmass 1.4 Seeing 0.8"

    - 05:30UT: PHOT STD:: TPHE Airmass 2.5 Seeing 0.8"

    - 05:35UT: PESSTOESO154-G10 Spectroscopic follow up. gm11+gm16. Airmass 1.64, Seeing 0.57"

    - 06:45UT: OGLE-2014-SN-073 Photo follow up. 2x3000s + x300s B, 2x200 VRi. Airmass 1.4, Seeing 0.51"

    - 07:50UT: LTT3864: Spectroscopic standard, Airmass 1.08 Seeing 0.56"

    - 08:15UT: OGLE-2014-SN-179: Classification. Airmass 1.73 Seeing 0.7"

        - SNID classification: Normal SN Ia, z=0.07, p~5


    - 08:35UT: RU149: Photometric standard. Airmass 1.34 Seeing 0.55.

    - 08:50UT: 1x PESSTO_bias

    - 09:00UT: Sky flat UVi

    - 09:15UT: PESSTO_calib (dome flat + arcs only)


    - SN2014cx: gm11+gm16 spectro follow up

    - OGLE-2014-SN-131: 4x1800s gm11 spectro follow up

    - PESSTOESO154-G10 Spectroscopic follow up. gm11+gm16

    - OGLE-2014-SN-073 Photo follow up. 2x3000s + x300s B, 2x200 VRi

    - OGLE-2014-SN-179: Classification: SNID classification: Normal SN Ia, z=0.07, p~5