Night report 2022-05-22

Observers: C. Evans, E. Parrag, C. Inserra

SupportS. Cosentino, C. Inserra

TAT: X. Sheng, L. Galbany, E. Paraskeva

Night Start Time:  23:00 UT

Start:  23:00 UT,  some thin clouds, humidity  20.0 %,  wind speed  5 m/s, seeing (DIMM not working)

Middle:  UT 04:00, clear ,  humidity 17.0 %, wind speed  9.1 m/s, seeing 1.04 (DIMM)

End:  UT, clear  , humidity  14.0 %, wind speed  7.0 m/s, seeing 0.77 (DIMM) 0.7”

Night End Time:  UT

At 04:10 UT switched from SOFI to EFOSC2, starting with image analysis and focus by TO. Losing an extra 15 mins due to using a new system.

AT2022kce was too faint to find.

Night Report 22/05/22 SOFI
Night Report 22/05/22 EFOSC2