Night report 2021-04-02

Observers:  Priscila Pessi, Ayan Mitra

Support: Phil Wiseman, Chris Frohmaier, Tomás Müller, Marcus Toy 

TAT: Takashi Nagao, Lluís Galbany, Shubham Srivastav

EFOSC2 Calibrations: 

Bias, dome_flats, arcs.

Skyflats but there were a lot of clouds so they might not be useful.


Start: humidity 33% , wind  4.7 m/s, seeing 0.8 

Middle: humidity 29%, wind 6.3 m/s, seeing 0.6

End: humidity 30%, wind  10.2 m/s, seeing 0.9


The telescope closed at 7:30UT for one hour due to clouds.

We opened again at 8:28UT