Night Report Page - 20121104

Observers : Filomena Bufano, Santiago Gonzalez, Sebastian Marchi.

Data reduction team : Joe Anderson, Francisco Foster

EFOSC2 -- Photometric Night (Humidity=36%, low wind speed and seeing around 0".8)

Unfortunately we have wasted time because of focusing problems. We had to make the image analysis almost for each target.



00:15 STD-spec Feige g11,g16,g13

00:36 STD-phot PGC2336 BVRgriz

00:52  SN2012dy  BVRi + gr11 

02:02  SN2009ip UBVRi 

--focus problems--

02:32  SN2009ip gr11,16 

03:15  CSS121008 gr13

04:35  STD-spec VMA2 g11,g16,g13

--focus problems--

05:20 SN2012fr gr11,16

05:35 SN2012fr UBVRi

05:50 LSQ12fuc gr13 BVRi

07:50 LSQ12fxd_class (SNID: Ia -9d) see SNID comparison image below

08:05 LSQ12ftr_class (SNID: nonSN)  see the spectrum plot below

08:15 STD-spec gd71 g11,g13,g16

08:40 STD-phot RU152 UBVRigrz