Night report 2015-10-03

Observers: Joe Lyman, Heather Campbell

TAT: Joe Anderson, Cosimo Inserra

Data reducers: Morgan Fraser

Pointing restrictions for most of the night, limiting observations to southern targets. Seeing also quite poor preventing some critical photometry requiring good conditions. Intermittent clouds at start and end of the night. EFOSC used for the whole night.

UT Target Comment


23:30 Dome open, pointing restriction south

23:30 LTT7379 Spec standard

23:55 OGLE15gt Classification (thin clouds, not useful)

00:10 LSQ15adm Photometry BVgri

00:20 Seeing ~1.4"

00:30 ASASSN-15oz Follow up 900s gr13

00:55 OGLE15gt Repeat Classification (AGN/galaxy?)

01:20 ASASSN-15oi Follow up 2x2700s gr11 & gr16

03:40 Seeing ~1.5"

04:55 OGLE15ic Classification slit 1.5"

05:15 OGLE15jy Classification (noisy, Ib/IIb?)

05:15 Wind 14m/s

05:30 Thin clouds beginning to appear

05:45 SN2015F Follow up gr16 - abandoned after first exposure - clouds

06:40 LSQ15bco Classification (young IIP?)

07:10 OGLE15kk Classification (Ia)

07:45 Pointing restriction removed

07:45 PSNJ02051332+0606084 Follow up 1000s gr11 & gr16

08:35 PS15cbm Classification (Ia post max)

09:15 L745a Spec standard