Night Report 2016-11-02

Observers: Georgios Dimitriadis, Miika Pursiainen

Support Team: Southampton

TAT on duty: Regis Cartier, Joe Lyman

All following times in UT

The night is NOT photometric

Weather conditions:

Start - Clear skies (although the pyrgeometer claims very few thin clouds), no wind, seeing ~1.2” 

Middle - Clear skies, no wind, seeing close or less than 1”

End - Clear skies, no wind, seeing close to 1”


PESSTO calib





23:35 We start with EFOSC2

23:40 Image Analysis and telescope focus

23:55 ATLAS16ciz, classification, seeing ~1.2”, SN II, several weeks after maximum, z=0.027

00:10 Feige 110, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~1.1”

00:30 AT2016hhv, classification, seeing ~1.1”, SN Ia, -2d, z=0.061, in accordance with the host

00:45 Switch to SOFI, image analysis

01:10 LSQ15adm, follow up, JH, seeing 0.8-1.1”

02:45 CSS160904-230721+025428, follow up, JHK, seeing ~0.9”

04:00 AT2016cvk, follow up, JHK, seeing ~0.8”

04:10 SN2016gkg, follow up, JHK, seeing ~0.8”

04:20 SN2016hnk, follow up, JHK, seeing ~0.75”

05:40 OGLE16euo, followup, JHK, seeing ~0.9”

06:50 Switch to EFOSC2, image analysis

07:10 SN2016gkg, follow up, UBVRi, seeing ~0.9”

07:30 OGLE16fbw, classification, seeing ~0.9”, SN Ia, +10d, z=0.1

07:50 L745a, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~0.9”

08:20 AT2016gxq, classification, seeing ~1”, SN Ia, +120d, z=0.015

08:50 AT2016hqh, classification, seeing ~1”, SN Ia, good match with SN 2007if at +10d, z=0.054

09:00 AT2016hoc, classification, seeing ~1”, object not seen in the acquisition image, aborting

09:10 End of night