Night report page---20130111

Observers: Jesper Sollerman, Francesco Taddia

Data reduction team: Mattias Ergon, Giorgos Leloudas

Observations with EFOSC2 all the night.


Dimm-Seeing 0.6" in the beginning of the night

EFOSC2 bias, spectroscopic flat fields and arcs in afternoon

UT 00:05  EFOSC2 skyflats UBVRi

UT 00:40  STDSPEC vma2                gr11+gr13+gr16 / slit 1.0"

UT 00:53  image analysis

UT 01:15  SN2013F                     UBVRi + gr11 (the spectrum has good S/N,

 the SN is bright but elongated in the UBVRi images because of the high airmass)

UT 02:00  LSQ12dlf                    V, 3x300 (faint source, but detected. Seeing 0.9")

UT 02:20  LSQ13heq                    UBVRi + gr11 (we see broad features in the spectrum, imaging has good quality, seeing 1.0")

UT 04:15  LSQ12hxg                    UBVRi + gr11 (good S/N for both spectrum and imaging)

UT 05:40  SN2012hr                    UBVRi + gr11 + gr16 (excellent S/N)

UT 06:38  RU152                       UBVRi

UT 06:50  STDSPEC LTT3218             gr11+gr13+gr16 / slits 1.0" 

UT 07:05  LSQ13ax                     gr13 *classification (Ia around max)

***Clouds in the East! ***

UT 07:40  RU149                       UBVRi, aborted, non-photometric due to clouds

UT 07:45  SN2012ht                    gr11+gr16  / slits 1.0"  Bright

UT 08:10  LSQ12iak                    gr13 *classification, not detected in acq. image

UT 08:20  LSQ12hos                    gr13 *classification (Ia about a month after max)

UT 08:55  STDSPEC LTT3864             gr11+gr13+gr16 / slits 1.0"