Night report 2013-11-30

Observers: Michel Dennefeld, Joe Lyman, David Bersier TO: Ariel

Support team: J Maund

TAT on duty: Andrea Pastorello, Annalisa de Cia


Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 2 m/s; humidity 5 % ; clear

middle: wind speed 5 m/s; humidity 18 %; clear

end: wind speed 8 m/s; humidity 19 %; clear

Afternoon CALIBRATIONS: EFOSC2 bias, arcs, dome flats

IMPORTANT NOTE: The problem with the structure in the bias is not completely solved. It has a much lower amplitude than what was seen in images of Nov 25 but it varies with time, it can be different from one bias frame to the next. On science frames during the night, there is virtually nothing to be seen, maybe science data are fine after all.

OBSERVATIONS: start regularly at sunset. Sunset at UT23:36, start of night at UT01:01

Evening sky flats: g (x5), z (x5), r (x1)

Target Type UT Filt/Gm Slit Grade Comments

Feige110 Std 00:30 all gm 1/1.5 start in twilight

LSQ13cut Follow 00:47 V to check if object is there

SN2009ip Follow 00:54 UBVRi

PSNJ01462790-5840238 Class 01:47 g13 1 A Ia, best fit 05hk (02cx-like), host at z=0.006. Seeing 0.95"

OGLE-2013-SN-100 Class 01:26 BVRi A seeing 0.95" in i, 1." inB

OGLE-2013-SN-100 Class 02:22 g16 1 B dominated by host, seeing ~1.2"

LSQ13dhj Class 03:41 g13 1 A Ia a few days before max, z~0.08

PG0231 Std 04:14 UBVRigrz A

LSQ13cuw Follow 04:29 g11 1 A/B IIP at z=0.4?, seeing 1.1"

LSQ13cuw Follow 05:31 g16 1 A/B

LSQ13dht Class 06:21 g13 1 A/B Very red. Flaring M dwarf

LSQ13czk Class 06:53 g13 1 A/B Ia ~4 wks past max, z~0.06

CSS131031-095508+064831 Follow 07:21 g11 1 A

CSS131031-095508+064831 Follow 07:52 g16 1 A

Morning calibrations: EFOSC Arcs, sky flats 5i, 4V, 5U)