Night report 2018-01-10

Observers: Filomena Bufano, Marco Berton 

TAT: Annalisa De Cia, Morgan Fraser

Support team: Stefan Taubenberger, Christian Vogl, Andreas Floers

Calibrations:  biases.  Dome arcs+flats taken during daytime are useless (see below)   

Weather Conditions: Clear Sky, No clouds, seeing~ 1.1" (UT 1.00), improving down to 0.7"/0.8". 

UT                  Target               Type                   Comment


While observing the standard, as first target, we found that two grisms of EFOSC were not aligned. Needed manual intervention.

In order to avoid an excessive time loss, we switched directly to SOFI, leaving a note for the daytime TO.

01.30     SOFI image quality test

01.44     AT2017jan            FollowUp                JHK 

03.02     AT2017jfa             FollowUp                JHK ; seeing~1.0" 

04.18     AT2016jbu            FollowUp               JHK 

05.35     AT2017ens           FollowUp               deep K; seeing~0.7"

06:19     AT2017jfs             FollowUp                JHK

07:35     AT2017ens           FollowUp               deep K, seeing~0.8"