Night Report Page - 20121008

Observers : Morgan Fraser, Assaf Sternberg, Patrick El-Hage. 

Data reduction team : Cosimo Inserra

All times are in UT

22:53 UBV skyflats

23:22 EG131 standard gr#11,13,16, followed by focusing

23:45 CSS121004:204336-055316 : could not find transient in acquisition image

23:58 CSS121005:212556 122328 gr#13 : Ia-norm z = 0.04 at +10 days

00:07 CSS121004:204336-055316 gr#13 : Identified target using PESSTOEFOSCPHOT. Note that the N and E on the TO's display are incorrect. CV - Balmer lines at z-0, blue continuum

00:25 SN2009ip followup gr#11,gr#16, UBVRi

01:00 SN2012ca followup Ugriz

01:30 Seeing measured on to be 2.5 arcseconds. Increasing slit to 1.5".

01:35 EG21 taken with 1.0" and 1.5" slits

02:00 SN2012dy followup gr#11

02:35 Closed due to wind

06:55 Resuming observations with SN2012ec followup UBVRi gr#11 gr#16

07:55 CSS121006:015926+014412 gr#13 - 91bg-like Ia, z=0.08, at or a few days before max. Check CSS abs mag with z!

08:20 LSQ12fgx gr#13 - stellar, but can't recognize the type?  08:35 MASTER J045303.80+182623.5  - not visible in acquisition (checked with PESSTOEFOSCPHOT)

08:40 LSQ12ffm gr#13 - hard to see, took second 60s acquisition image. Spectrum v. noisy, possible broad features?

09:15 l745a spectral standard

09:35 rz skyflats