Night Report for 2020-feb-12

Observers: Mat Smith (Southampton), Anais Möller, Melissa Amenouche (Clermont-Ferrand)

Support Team: Charlotte Angus (DARK), Miika Pursiainen (Southampton)

TAT: Priscila Pessi (CONICET), Giuliano Pignata (UNAB/MAS), Phil Wiseman (Southampton)

Afternoon Calibrations: Dome flats, Arcs, Bias frames (x3)


    Afternoon: High wispy cloud

    Sunset: 8.30 (local); 23.30 UT; stunning, but through wispy cloud; no sky flats taken

    Post-sunset: Seeing 1.0"; Wind: 2m/s

    Middle of night: Seeing 0.8"; Wind: 3m/s + high cloud covering 50% of the sky. That + moon means no photometry tonight. 

    Early morning: Seeing 1.3"; Wind: 4m/s. Heavy clouds == no more follow-ups. 

    07:45UT: Heavy clouds mean that we close for the night. 1.5+ hours lost


1. One potential target (AT2020bxd) is already classified as a SNIa, so was not targeted. 

2. ZTF20aamamnp is aka AT2020chy, but the marshall doesn't know that.