Night report 2021-10-04

Observers: Rachel Bruch, Joe Anderson

Support: Claudia Gutiérrez

TAT: Nada Ihanec, Tom Kilestein, Takashi Nagao

EFOSC Calibrations:

Afternoon: NA, no daytime support so just doing calibrations in the morning

Evening: Skyflats 

Morning: Bias, Arcs

SOFI Calibrations:

Morning: Flats, J,H,K.


Start: clear, humidity 27%, wind 4.6m/s, seeing ~1.1"

Middle: clear, humidity 17%, wind 4.8m/s, seeing ~1.4"

End: clear, humidity 16%, wind 8.1 m/s, seeing ~ 1.3"

Comments (times in UT):

Image analysis starts at 23:59

Finished observing with EFOSC at 05:32 

Switched to SOFI at 05:59

End of night at 09:30