Night report 2022-01-25

Observing run January 2022

Night Report 2022-01-25

Observers:João Silvestre & Jonathan Pineda 

Support: Andrea Reguitti

TAT: Michel Dennefeld, Roberta Carini & Stefan Taubenberger

EFOSC2 Calibration

evening:  Bias, full pessto calib, spectroscopic arcs

morning: SOFI spec_flats, SOFI_spec arcs and flats JHK

Start: 00:26 UT,  humidity 55%, wind speed  2.8 m/s, seeing  1.30 (DIMM)”

Middle:  05:00 UT,  humidity  27%, wind speed  3.3 m/s, seeing  1.00 (DIMM)”

End:   09:06 UT,  humidity 47 %, wind speed  3.1 m/s, seeing  0.75 (DIMM)”

Comments:  We started with SOFI  but we lost  time because there were issues with the software that was rejecting OBs due to an offset of the jittering that was out of range,  then the operator reboot the system and we could observe one of the targets. We had a night with thin clouds an seeing jiggling 0.9" up to 1.4". 
Beginning of night at  00:25 UT

End of night at   09:06 UT