Night Report 2019-08-21

Night Report


Morgan Fraser, Seán Brennan

Support Team: Ihanec, Gromadzki

TAT: Steve Williams, Claudia Gutierrez, Thomas Wevers


Evening skyflats grz


Thin clouds for most of night

observer mistake with hcc observations - observations with different slit sizes

GW alert @ ~1.45am

Seeing very erratic throughout the night


start of night: Thin clouds - horrible seeing ~2" - low wind speed ~5m/s

middle of night: Thin clouds seeing jumping between 1.2 and 1.8 - low wind speed ~1.5m/s

end of night: clear, goo seeing ~1.1 - low wind speed ~2m/s

GW alert @ 1.36

GW event retracted @ 3.30