Night report page - 20131023

Observers: Massimo Turatto, Susanna Spiro

Support team: S.Benetti, N.Elias-Rosa

TAT on duty: Morgan Fraser, Kate Maguire


Subrun 1, night 1

Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 14 m/s; humidity 15 % ; clouds

middle: wind speed 12 m/s; humidity 8 %; thin clouds

end: wind speed 12 m/s; humidity 13%; few residual clouds

- Slit positions

checked that sl1" is in the same position as in the EFOSC_Cnfg_file (px 988, aligned)


EFOSC2 bias avg~200, std~11, no pattern

EFOSC2 Spectroscopic flats and arcs

EFOSC2 calibration test as requested by Morgan F.


we open just at 02:45am (~06UT) among thin clouds with wind limitations (away from NE)

No spec-STD observable away from wind

Target Type UT Filter/Grism Slit Seeing Grade (A/B/C) Comments

SN2009ip follow-up 06:10 BVRi awful C airm~2, TBrepeated

image analysis possible only 10deg away from Ogle

Ogle-2013-SN-100 classif 07:13 gm13 1.5 1.6 in that dir C airm1.5, very faint

SN2013fc follow-up 07:30 UBVRi 1.0 A

Ogle-2013-SN-98 classif 08:00 gm13 1.0 1.0 A airm 1.0

Ogle-2013-SN-99 classif 08:30 gm13 1.0 1.0 A airm 1.5

Ogle-2013-SN-89 IMPOSSIBLE to observe for absence of guiding stars in the field (as from TO)


EFOSC2 Skyflats U only

EFOSC2 Spectroscopic flats and arcs