Observers: Lukasz Wyrzykowski, Nadia Blagorodnova, Matthew Nicholl

Sunset: UT 23:05 / Twilight 00:17 - 09:25 / Sunrise 10:37      LST 6-16hrs

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All times in this report approximate UT   (Chilean time currently UT - 3hrs)

EFOSC: All OBs in the 188.D-3003(Q)/VM/EFOSC2 directory on the observers OB Execution machine (wg5dhs)

On wg5dhs - OBs held in /home/visitor/p2pp-impex/nblago 

Phot std finders at

UT: 21:00 bias, dome flats, arcs, sky flats

Image analysis


UT: 2345 Flux std L745a (15 min)

UT: 00:09 Classification PSNJ01584182-6420485 - failed due to bad coordinates

UT: 0030 FollowUp OGLE-2013-SN-019 Gr#11 (2x1h)

Slit rotated and set on two galaxies' centres. Impossible to rotate the slit to an arbitrary angle, so we had to give up on the most optimal position we planned, which included both outbursts. Only one outburst visible at the acq. image.

UT: 0232 FollowUp OGLE-2013-SN-006 Gr#13 (2x 40 min)

40mins instead of requested 1h because target getting too low.

UT: 0415 Classification PSNJ01584182-6420485 Gr#13 (12 min) 

a'ka PSNJ08384182-6420485 with corrected coords

UT: 0423 Flux std eg274 (10 min)

UT: 0440 FollowUp PSNJ09491471-4754456 Gr#13 (2x2700)

UT: 0632 Classification SSS130304:102431-192214 Gr#11 (1:10 h)

Very, very faint object found only at 60s exposure.

UT: 0748 Classification PSNJ11240925-1219390 Gr#13 (25 min)

UT: 0811 FollowUp SSS130221:133330-194457 Gr#13 (2x2700)

UT: 0959 Flux std eg274 (10 min)

UT: 10:20 Calibrations arcs (4 min)

Finished at 10:31.