Night Report 2018-02-13

Observers: Jesse T. Palmerio, Ken W. Smith,

Support Team: David O'Neill, Owen McBrien, Peter Clark, Erkki Kankare

TAT:  Cristina Barbarino, Morgan Fraser

TO: Pablo Arias (day) Fransisco Labrana (night)

Calibrations: EFOSC2 PESSTO_calib, PESSTO_bias

Sky flats: No flats in evening due to clouds, plan to complete g band flats tomorrow evening

Weather: Thick cloudy sky with humidity 60% at the start. At 03:45 UT observations resumed with 40% humidity, clouds/thin and variable seeing (0.8"-1.4").

Comments: First part of the night, observations weren't possible due to clouds. Previous night's morning arcs were executed by daytime TO.

UT         Object         setup          exp          airmass  seeing  note



00:10:00                                                               closing telescope as a precaution due to weather

03:45:00                                                               opening telescope as weather improved

03:48:00   Focusing                                                                      

03:56:00   AT2018qq       gr13 sl1       600s         1.05      1.3"   Object observed was actually the nearby star. Actual transient was missing from acquisition image

04:18:00   SN2018oh       gr11/16 sl1    2x600s       1.51      1.0"  

04:54:00   SN2017ijn      gr11/16 sl1    2x1500s      1.1       1.0"

06:03:00   Std_L745a                                  1.45      0.9"  

06:30:00   SN2017ens      gr11 sl1       2700s        1.13      0.9"   

07:26:00   SN2017ens      gr11 sl1       2700s        1.16      1.1"   

08:14:00   SN2017ens      gr11 sl1       2700s        1.21      0.9" 

09:04:00   Std_LTT3864                                1.4       0.9"   executed at start of twilight without 1.5" slits 

09:23:00   AT2018qp       gr13 sl1       300s         1.18      1.1"   executed during twilight, class -> SNIa at z = 0.027 at +3d ?

09:38:00   Spec_arcs