Night report page - 20130121

Observer: Francesco Taddia

Data reduction team: Mattias Ergon, Giorgos Leloudas, Jesper Sollerman

Observations with EFOSC2 all the night.


Dimm-Seeing >1.0" in the beginning of the night; then below 1.0", down to 0.6" at 03:00 UT.

EFOSC2 bias, spectroscopic flat fields and arcs in afternoon

**low clouds**

UT 00:02  EFOSC2 skyflats, aborted because of technical problems, the rotating building can not move, technicians to the telescope 

UT 00:35  problem solved, focus and image analysis

UT 00:54  STDPHOT PG0231        UBVRigr

UT 01:03  SN 2013F              UBVRi (faint in B, bright in VRi, unclear detection in U band)    

UT 01:24  LSQ12hxg              UBVRi + gr13 (signal ok, bright Balmer lines in the spectrum)

UT 03:05  OGLE-2013-SN-002      UBVRi + gr13 (strong HII region contamination, broad features at 4600-5000 and 6000 A.)

UT 04:20  OGLE-2013-SN-011       gr13 *classification (young IIP)

UT 05:10  SN 2012hr             gr

UT 05:15  STDPHOT RU152         UBVRigr   

UT 05:20  STDSPEC LTT3218       gr11+gr13+gr16 / slit 1.0" 

UT 05:37  SN 2012hs             UBVRi

UT 05:55  LSQ13fn               UBVRi + gr11 (the spectrum looks like a continuum with a broad emission feature at 7200 A,

no other lines are clearly observed, 2x40 minutes but low S/N, clouds in the sky)


UT 07:45  PSNJ17393154-8518381  gr13 *classification (young IIP, lost guiding after ~30 min)


UT 08:30  STDSPEC LTT3864       gr11+gr13+gr16 / slit 1.0"


UT 08:45  LSQ13fn               again gr11 (1x1800), but still a lot of clouds, faint signal

UT 09:20 EFOSC2 skyflats griU (4 out of 5 for i band)