Night Report 2019-03-18

Observers: Valéry Brinnel, Ana Sagués Carracedo, Cristina Barbarino

Support Team: LeonardoTartaglia, Jesper Sollerman

TAT: Regis Cartier, Joe Lyman




dome flat and arcs (evening)

arcs (morning)


Start: Humidity 30%, wind speed 2.0, seeing: 0.6, thin clouds

Middle (5 ut): Humidity 30%, wind speed 3.5, seeing: 0.8

End: Humidity 19%, wind speed 5.3, seeing: 1.2


The seeing value from the DIMM wasn't always reliable when compared with the images. In those cases, we were estimating the seeing from the acq images.

*Seeing estimated from the acq image.

Instrument - EFOSC2

UT Target Type Setup airmass Seeing(DIMM) texp notes

00:07 AT2018lna Follow-up gr13 1.6 0.8* 3x2700s Thin clouds during the first exposure.

02:44 L745a Std gr11+13+16+18+20,sl1+1.5 1.1 1

03:18 AT2019azh Follow-up gr11+16 1.9 1 1800s each Failed: We were not able to find it in the acquisition image, so we aborted it. Most likely because of the proximity to the moon.

04:21 ASASSN-18fv Follow-up BVRi 1.17 0.9* B(2x2.5)VRI(3x1s) Aborted due to saturation

04:29 ASASSN-18fv Follow-up BVRi 1.17 0.8* B(2x1)VRI(3x0.7s) We found out that there is a 'ghost shadow' affecting the nova from a saturated star in the field.

04:38 ASASSN-18fv Follow-up g11+16+18+20 1.18 0.8* g11+16(2x1)gr18+20(2x1.5)

04:56 ASASSN-18fv Follow-up BVRi 1.2 0.8* B(2x1)VRI(3x0.7s) To avoid the 'ghost' we decided to repeat the observation moving the saturated star outside of the field. Nova in unbinned pixels:X=1244,Y=1396

05:12 AT2019but Class gr13 1.3 0.7 900s Blue continuum ?

05:36 AT2019bwb Class gr13 1.1 0.7 600s Galaxy spectrum? We might have put the slit in the wrong position.

06:03 AT2019bsw Class gr13 1.3 0.8 900s Type II

06:22 ZTF19aailptb Class gr13 1.4 0.8* 1500s Blue continuum?

06:55 AT2019bwc Class gr13 1 1 600s Reddened transient?

07:13 ZTF19aamuvak Class gr13 1.3 0.8 1200s SNIa

07:38 ZTF19aalzvnu Class gr13 1.9 2.3 1500s Type II?

08:11 LTT7379 Std gr11+13+16+18+20,sl1+1.5 1.3 2

08:46 SN2017ivv Follow-up gr13 2.8 1.9 3x2700s Failed: No SN visible in the acquisition image

08:58 AT2019bwb Class gr13 2.1 1.5 600s We repeated the OB. Type II?

09:13 AT2019bys Class gr13 1.7 1.8* 1200s SNIa

09:52 AT2019bvu Class gr13 1 1.2 600s SNIa

10:03 End of the night