Night report 2013-11-24


Observers: Michel Dennefeld, David Bersier       TO: Pablo

Support team: Stephen Smartt, Ken Smith

TAT on duty: Richard Scalzo, Cosimo Inserrra


Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 8 m/s, humidity 42%, fairly cloudy

middle: wind speed 9 m/s, humidity 35%, very cloudy 

end: wind speed  m/s, humidity  %,  very cloudy

afternoon CALIBRATIONS: EFOSC bias; EFOSC dome spec flats + arcs

NO twilight sky flats (clouds)

OBSERVATIONS: All night with EFOSC2, spec with slit 1"

Object                                                 Filters/grism       UTstart   Grade   comment

CSS130809-222004-213922     grig                  00:29     B/C    started a bit early, g band redone, discard first set g images (bright sky). Some passing clouds

OGLE-2013-SN-079                 zr                    02:05     B/C    variable, passing clouds

CLOSE TELESCOPE                                     03:00

Calibrations morning: none