Night report 2022-03-09

Observers: Michael Fulton, Shubham Srivastav

Support: James Gillanders, Thomas Moore

TAT: Thomas Killestein, Carys Evans, Timo Kravtsov

Afternoon setup: PESSTO bias+calib

Evening setup: UBVRi skyflats

Morning setup: grz skyflats + PESSTO bias+calib

Night Start Time: 23:50 UT

Start: 00:00 UT, thin clouds, humidity 53%, wind speed 1.8 m/s, seeing 0.71 (DIMM)”

Middle: 04:30 UT, thin clouds, humidity 46%, wind speed 4.5 m/s, seeing 0.72 (DIMM)”

End: 08:30 UT, thin clouds, humidity 40%, wind speed 3.7 m/s, seeing 0.72 (DIMM)”

Night End Time: 09:25 UT

An error with the ESO Archive meant no images were available to download from 00:30 UT onwards. Could not perform health checks on spectra obtained thereafter.