Night report 2019-11-20

Observers: Matthew Temple, Thomas Wevers, Nada Ihanec

Support Team: Emma Callis, Sean Brennan

TAT: Claudia Gutierrez, Stefan Taubenberger, Hanin Kuncarayakti



JHK flats, spec flats and arcs (afternoon)


Start: Humidity 43%, wind speed 1.4 m/s, seeing: 1.1"

Middle: Humidity 28%, wind speed  5.6m/s , seeing 1.1 ":

End : Humidity 30%, wind speed  6m/s, seeing: "


More on the desserts today - another delicious yoghurt cake as well as waffles with apricot and blackcurrant jam...

We had an earthquake that Nada didn't feel or hear...

We started the night with EFOSC, variable seeing. We changed to SOFI in the middle of the night. Some minor issues right after switching but things smoothed out.