Night report page - 20131122


Observers: Michel Dennefeld, David Bersier TO: Pablo

Support team: Stephen Smartt, Ken Smith

TAT on duty: Richard Scalzo, Cosimo Inserrra


Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 8 m/s; partly cloudy

middle: wind speed 5 m/s; partly cloudy

end: wind speed 3 m/s; clear


EFOSC2 bias,

EFOSC2 Spectroscopic arcs

OBSERVATIONS: start regularly at sunset.

Skyflat filters grz, aborted. Only g worked. But clouds anyway

All night with EFOSC2, spec with slit 1"

Object Filters/grism UTstart Grade comment

SN 2013fs g11+g16+UBVRi 01:29 B followup

LSQ13cxv g13 01:58 B classif: Ia, z~0.116, +10d

SN 2012ec VRi 02:39 B followup

LSQ13czi g13 03:13 B classif: Ia, z~0.11, +5d, likely affected by passing clouds

SN 2013fc UBVRi 03:36 B followup

LSQ13dbe g13 05:05 B classif: Ia, z~0.135, +2d

GD71 g11/g13/g16 05:35 B spec-phot std

OGLE-2013-SN-118 g13 06:20 A classif: Ia, z~0.08, -5d

OGLE-2013-SN-016 Ri 06:41 A followup

LSQ13czl g13 07:40 A classif: IIP, z~0.033, near max