Observers: Jesper Sollerman, Francesco Taddia

Data reduction team: Mattias Ergon, Giorgos Leloudas

Observations with EFOSC2 the all night.


Seeing 1.5" at the beginning of the night, then ~1.0"

EFOSC2 bias; WRONG spectroscopic flat fields and arcs, for a technical problem with the slit wheel the slit was not 1.0"! 

We discovered it when we tried to observe the first flux standard

UT 00:00  EFOSC2 skyflats UBVRi

UT 00:30  image analysis

UT 00:45  STDPHOT pg2336              UBVRi

UT 00:55  STDSPEC vma2                gr11+gr13+gr16 / slit 1.0", failed, here we noticed the slit problem 

UT 01:10  LSQ12dlf                    R, 6x300

UT 01:45 The telescope operator (TO) checked again the problem with the slit and decided to go to the telescope

UT 02:50 TO back to the control room, slit alignment

UT 03:10  STDSPEC LTT3218             gr11+gr13+gr16 / slits 1.0" 

UT 03:30  LSQ12hxg                    gr11+gr16 / slits 1.0"

UT 05:45  PSNJ09040080-7203248        gr13 *classification (Ia at max)

UT 06:05  LSQ12hud                    gr13 *classification (galaxy S0)

UT 06:45  LSQ13l                      gr13 *classification (Ia before max)

UT 07:25  LSQ13i                      gr13 *classification (IIn)

UT 08:05  LSQ13d                      gr13 *classification (IIP 1 week after explosion)

UT 08:30  STDSPEC LTT3864             gr11+gr13+gr16 / slits 1.0" 

EFOSC2 spectroscopic flat fields and arcs