Night Report Page - 20121114

Observers: Giuliano Pignata, Katalin Takats, Thomas De Jaeger

Data reduction team: Filomena Bufano, Santiago Gonzalez

seeing ~0.7"

UT 19:00 earthquake, 6.2 Richter

starting with SOFI

UT 24:00 SN 2012ca JHK

switching to EFOSC

UT 00:55 LTT7379 STD -- aborted because of problem with autoguiding

UT 01:10 CSS121015 gr13

UT 02:30 SN 2009ip gr11, gr16

UT 03:18 LSQ12gdj gr11, gr16

UT 04:25 EG21 STD gr11, gr13, gr16

trying spectrapolarimetry

UT 04:45 HD38563A pol STD - aborted specpol, due to signal lower than expected

UT 05:10 SN 2012fr gr11, gr16

UT 05:30 SNHUNT121 Ri

UT 06:10 LSQ12gla class - SN visible on aquisition image, but spectrum has low S/N, clouds?

UT 06:45 LSSQ12gje class - nothing on aquisition image at the candidate's position

UT 07:00 LSQ12gld class - SNID: galaxy

UT 07:25 LSQ12gkx class - SNID: Ia?

UT 08:00 LSQ12gjc class - SNID: Ia, -5d, z=0.178

UT 08:25 LTT3864 STD gr11, gr13, gr16