Night Report 2014-09-22

Observers:  Morgan Fraser, Chris Ashall

TAT: Cosimo Inserra, Richard Scalzo

Data reducers: Nic Walton, Nadia Blagorodnova

Conditions: Thin cirrus cloud with thicker patches across most of sky. Seeing reasonable at start of night ~1.2", but deteriorating over night,

23:47    Start of twilight

             EG131 (standard)

23:50    LSQ14fig classification - Ic at z=0.03, post max. Good match to SN 2004aw at ~+5 days.

23:57    End of twilight

00:28    LSQ14fik classification - Ia at z=0.15, around max

01:00    Looks like clouds are clearing, switching to SOFI

01:10    SN 2009ip J band imaging. Reduced frames, target visible (just about)

02:05    TO attempted image analysis, unsuccessful due to clouds

02:20    ASASSN-14gm JHK imaging

02:40    ASASSN-14gm BG+RG spectra

04:55    Telluric standard (solar analog for ASASSN-14gm)

04:00    ASASSN-14ha JHK imaging

04:20    TO focussed telescope

04:30    ASASSN-14ha BG+RG spectra

05:35    Closed due to clouds. OB for ASASSN-14ha spectra was completed, but probably last nod in sequence is useless. Also, no telluric standard was observed.

08:55    Open again

09:00    OGLE-2014-SN-073 classification - Type II at z=0.13! This puts it at an absolute mag of -19.4, with a slow (0.5 mag) rise over at least the last 40 days. Spectrum shows strong, broad Halpha, with a very weak absorption, and clear P-Cygni Hbeta. No obvious narrow lines, still quite blue. Interesting!

09:20    PSNJ01300340-4241487 classification - Very young Type II SN, blue continuum with weak broad Halpha, consistent with redshift of the host ESO244-31.

09:40    Attempted to acquire CSS140914-021317-071932, but sky too bright

09:45    gri skyflats