LaSilla/QUEST Survey Strategy

Details from Charlie Baltay and Peter Nugent (8/8/11) :

Suggested SDSS DR7 footprint overlap

(added by Dave Young)

For transient searches contextual information about any object is key to understanding the nature of the source, especially just after discovery when we'll often only have one or two epochs of observations. At QUB we've developed a transient classifier that cross-matches the coordinates of newly discovered transients again historical catalogues - much like the OARICAL classifier currently being used by LSQ. At QUB we've found that the SDSS catalogues often provide the most valuable of all contextual data - it makes life a lot easier for us to tag a transient with an accurate initial classification if it's discovered in the SDSS footprint. To this end, it would be very useful if LSQ could prioritise targeting fields within the SDSS footprint. 




Here's the imaging footprint for SDSS DR7, which includes SDSS-I and SDSS-II (Legacy and SEGUE). There are two strips for each location since the CCDs have gaps between them, requiring a second offset strip for complete coverage. For more details see here:

And here's the imaging footprint for LSQ to date (lifted from Charlie's talk from the Feb 2012 meeting:

And finally here's a mashup of the two footprints. The shaded blue area is SDSS mapped to the LSQ footprint and the shaded red area is the currently proposed +25 and -25 degree LSQ supernova search area (from Sept-May).