Night report 2019-12-17

Observers: Tomás Müller !!!

Support Team:  Phil Wiseman, Miika Pursiainen

TAT: Janet Chen, Morgan Fraser, Giuliano Pignata


EFOSC daytime calibrations (biases, flats and arcs)


Start: Humidity 37%, wind speed 1.5 m/s, seeing: 0.8".

Middle: Humidity 30%, wind speed 3.1 m/s, seeing: 0.9".

End : Humidity 27%, wind speed 5.6 m/s, seeing: 1.0".


I couldn't observe AT2019weu as we couldn't find it in the field (even with the help of the TO!). The finding charts look different from the acquisition image even after longer exposure. This was the first object of the night.