Night Report 2016-11-27

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Lingzhi Wang, Lixin Yu

Support team: Ósmar Rodríguez

TAT team: Lluís Galbany, Janet Chen

Weather conditions: moderate to low humidity, weak wind, thin cirrus

23:48UT SkyFF, zgri

00:15UT Focus sequence

00:37UT SN2016ije follow up, gr#11, seeing~1.0", airmass 1.55

02:16UT Flux standard wma2,gr11+gr16+gr13+slit1.0"+slit 1.5", seeing ~1.0", Airmass 1.47

               (wrong pointing due to p2pp malfunction, use the other one)

02:50UT SN2016ije follow up, gr#16, seeing ~1.0", Airmass 1.37

04:08UT EFOSC image analysis

04:27UT SN2016hnk follow up, gr#13, seeing ~1.0", Airmass 1.23-2.13

07:00UT Flux standard GD71 gr11+gr16+gr13+slit1.0"+slit 1.5", seeing ~1.0", Airmass 1.48

07:27UT Classification OGLE16fsn, gr#13,  seeing ~1.0", Airmass 1.27

08:22UT SN2016hvl follow up, gr#11+gr#16, seeing ~0.7", airmass 1.5

               Done in twilight, sky might be too bright in gr#16

06:15UT End of night

Daytime calibrations: