Night Report 2016-01-07

Observing: Robert Firth, Chris Frohmaier, Georgios Dimitriadis

Support Team: Southampton

TAT: Michel Dennefeld, Cosimo Inserra

All following times in UT

Night NOT photometric


Weather conditions

Start of night: Thin clouds low at the horizon, North and West, wind 13.5 m/s, humidity increasing

Middle of the night: Windy, poor seeing

End of night: Windy, poor seeing



Evening: PESSTO_Calib, PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_Sky_FF_grz

Morning: PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib



-00:30 UT: Image Analysis

-00:45 UT: Pointing restrictions due to wind, we will observe only Southern targets, poor seeing

-01:15 UT: Follow-up: ASASSN-15og, g16, slit 1.5”, seeing 1.8”

-02:00 UT: Seeing ~1.6”

-03:50 UT: Standard: LTT3218, slit 1” and 1.5”

-04:20 UT: Classification: LSQ15bvc, M-star, seeing ~1.6”,

-04:40 UT: Standard: LTT3864, slit 1” and 1.5”, seeing ~1.8”

-05:00 UT: Image Analysis

-05:10 UT: Classification: LSQ15bxe (at high airmass), not completely visible in the acquisition image, by increasing the integration time we think we can see it, since we have a shortage of targets we proceed, SN Type Ia, 91T-like @+30d, (good match with 99aa), slit 1.5”, seeing 1.8”

-05:30 UT: Standard: LTT3864, slit 1” and 1.5”

-05:40 UT: Telescope down, trying to recover...

-06:15 UT: Telescope back to work, resuming LTT3864

-06:30 UT: Follow-up: MASTERJ141023.42-431843.7, g13, slit 1.5”, seeing 1.8”

-06:50 UT: Follow-up: Ogle15xl, g13, slit 1.5”, seeing 1.8"