The second ePESSTO meeting will be in O'Brien Centre for Science at University College Dublin on Monday 11th - Tuesday 12th Dec 2017.

The meeting is in Room 232, in Science North.


Monday 11th Dec

Tuesday 12th Dec


1. Morgan Fraser        (UCD)          (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

2. Dave Young           (QUB)          (Monday and Tuesday)

3. Massimo Della Valle  (INAF-OACn)

4. M.T. Botticella      (INAF-OACn)

5. Mariusz Gromadzki    (WUAO)         (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)  

6. Giorgos Leloudas     (DARK)         (Monday noon to Wednesday noon)  

7. Erkki Kankare        (QUB)          (Monday and Tuesday) 

8. Owen McBrien         (QUB)          (Monday and Tuesday) 

9. Emma Callis         (UCD)          (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

10. Kate Maguire        (QUB)          (Monday and Tuesday)

11. Peter Clark         (QUB)          (Monday and Tuesday)

12. David O'Neill       (QUB)          (Monday and Tuesday)

13. Lana Salmon         (UCD)

14. Ken Smith           (QUB)          (Monday and Tuesday)

15. Andrea Melandri     (INAF-OABr)    (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)  

16. Lorraine Hanlon     (UCD)             

17. Stephen Smartt      (QUB)          (Monday morning, leave Tuesday evening

18. Jakob Nordin        (HU Berlin)    (arrive Sunday, depart Tues morning)

19. Joe Lyman           (Warwick)      (Monday morn - Tuesday eve)

20. Christian Vogl      (MPA)          (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

21. Stefan Taubenberger (ESO)          (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

22. Cosimo Inserra      (SOTON)        (Tuesday only)

23. Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska (SRON) (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

24. Silvia Piranomonte  (INAF-OAR)     (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

25. Andreas Floers      (ESO)          (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

26. Shane Moran         (UCD)         

27. Daniel Perley       (LJMU)         Sunday afternoon - Tuesday evening

28. A. Martin-Carrillo  (UCD)         

29. Rubina Kotak        (UTU)           (Mon. + Tue.)

30. Thomas Reynolds     (UTU)          (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

Getting here :

There is only one airport in Dublin, but it is well connected to most countries. To get from the airport to UCD, the most direct option is the Aircoach, which goes from directly outside the terminal once per hour, 24 hours a day. Get the Aircoach 700 towards Leopardstown, and it will stop directly outside UCD. A return ticket to UCD is €16.

Once you are in the city , the main Dublin Bus routes that serve UCD are the 39a, 145 and 46a. Note that Dublin buses only take Euro coins (no notes) or a pre-paid Leap card that you can buy in many shops.

If you are driving, details of paid parking are here. Note that there is quite limited parking for visitors during term time.


There are a number of hotels in the area.

Talbot Hotel Stillorgan       30 min walk, ~€98 per night

Radison Blu St Helens    18 min walk, ~€135 per night

Donnybrook Lodge (B&B)   10 min walk, ~€84 per night

There are also quite a few airbnb places in the area.


The conference dinner will at 19.00 on Monday evening at Arthur Mayne's in Donnybrook. If you have special dietary requirements, please contact Emma Callis / Morgan Fraser.

For people arriving on Sunday evening, some of the local organisers will be in Bolands bar (https://goo.gl/maps/noVnZP6vhwq) from 18.00-21.00.