Night report 2023-04-18

Observers: Thallis Pessi, Timo Kravtsov

Support: Claudia Gutiérrez, Lluís Galbany

TAT: Nada Ihanec, Thomas Moore, Lluís Galbany

Start: 23:24 UT, humidity 27 %, wind speed 2 m/s, DIMM seeing 1"

Middle:  06:31 UT, humidity 18 %, wind speed  3.6 m/s, seeing 2"

End:  10:52 UT, humidity 12 %, wind speed 4 m/s, seeing 1.7"

Afternoon calibrations: Bias, spectral arcs

Morning calibrations: spectral arcs, gri flats

Night started calmly with 1" seeing, low humidity and wind. We started observing with EFOSC for two follow-ups and a classification. We switched to SOFI and spent the rest of the night observing follow-ups. Seeing became unstable after midnight, 4 UT, and would swing from sub-1.5" to over 2".